The Single Integrated Plan

In June 2012, the Welsh Government issued new guidance called  ‘Shared Purpose- Shared Delivery’. The guidance sets out how the Local Service Board should plan for the future needs of the local community,  including the documents needed to provide evidence for the single integrated plan. 

Each Local Service Board  - there are twenty two across Wales - is required to produce a Single Integrated Plan. The Local Service Board will decide the name of the Single Integrated Plan. Local Service Boards can produce joint plans across areas provided there is agreement to do this.

The ‘Shared Purpose- Shared Delivery’ guidance confirms that the Single Integrated Plan should reflect the needs of the local population in ways which focus on early intervention and prevention. It should draw on a strategic needs assessment and analysis to establish the needs of the community and local priorities.

The Single Integrated Plan should set out

The ‘Shared Purpose – Shared Delivery’ guidance requires single integrated plans to be available for public consultation for a minimum of 12 weeks and to be in place by April 2013.  The Single Integrated Plan will replace at least four existing plans and strategies (the Community Strategy, The Children and Young People’s Plan, The Health, Social Care and Well-being Strategy, and the Community Safety Partnership Plan).  Once the single integrated plan has been agreed, the commitments of individual service providers should be included within their own corporate and operational plans.

Annual Report

Once the Single Integrated Plan is in place, the Local Service Board should monitor the progress of the plan and undertake a formal annual review and provide an annual report. The review will enable the Local Service Board to understand whether the actions within the plan are working to make better outcomes for people, whether the plan still has the right priorities and whether the processes and structures put in place to help achieve the plan are still the right ones.  A more thorough review will also take place every four years.

The Annual report should include accounts of