Older Person's Strategy Group

The Older Person’s Strategy Group (OPSG), which is serviced by Pembrokeshire County Council’s Older  Persons Strategy Co-ordinator, Ann Edmunds, meets monthly to review progress of the Strategy for Older People in Pembrokeshire against an agreed Action Plan.

The OPSG is Chaired by County Councillor David Wildman, the Older Person’s Champion and Cabinet Member for Adult Services and Care.  Membership of the OPSG as at February 2009 can be viewed by following the link.  Members of the OPSG whose names appear in bold are elected Voluntary Sector Representatives on the Group.

Key points discussed at the last meeting of the OPSG on 2nd June can be viewed here.

From this page you can access the 10 year Strategy for Older People in Wales, published in 2003, and Living Longer, Living Better which sets out the key strategic objectives for the 2nd phase of the Strategy (2008-13).

The four key themes of the Strategy are reflected in the Action Plan for Pembrokeshire which has been agreed by the OPSG:

Valuing Older People - Maintaining and Developing Engagement

Promote positive images of ageing and ensure that the over 50s are able to participate as fully as they wish in their communities, giving them a stronger sense of engagement and influence.

Changing Society - The Economic Status and Contribution of Older People

Develop policies to increase the capacity of the over 50s to continue to work, learn, volunteer and care, making an active contribution for as long as they wish, and ensure that older people do not live in poverty.

Well Being and Independence

Improve the health and well being of older people through initiatives to promote health, as well as high quality, responsive and appropriately regulated health, social care and housing services. These will enable older people to live as actively and independently as possible in a suitable and safe environment of their choice.

Making it Happen - The Implementation of the Strategy

Implement the Strategy for Older People in Wales with support funding to ensure that it is a catalyst for change and innovation across all sectors, improving services for older people, providing the basis for effective planning for an ageing population and reflecting the concerns of older people.

Dates of next meetings:

Tuesday 2nd June 2009

Tuesday 14th July 2009

Tuesday 1st September 2009

Tuesday 6th October 2009

Tuesday 3rd November 2009

Tuesday 1st  December 2009

For more information about this group, or to raise any issues, please contact Anne Isaac

National Service Framework for Older People


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