Core Aim 6 Group

The Welsh Assembly Government has created 7 Core Aims that govern how services are delivered to children and young people. Pembrokeshire's Children and Young People's Partnership have created a group to cover each of these Core Aims and to deliver services against them.

Core Aim 6 is that "All children and young people have a safe home and a community, which supports physical and emotional well-being"

Pembrokeshire has agreed 4 broad priorities under this Core Aim. These are:

  • Reduction in road casualties among children and young people
  • Reduced harm associated with violent crime
  • Reduced harm associated with alcohol and substance misuse  
  • Support for Young People in regard to homelessness and housing

The Core Aim group has worked on an action plan for each priority and these will begin to be delivered from 1.10.08

Click here for Core Aim 6's Terms of Reference which includes a full membership list

The next meeting of Core Aim 6 will take place on the 19/01/10, County Hall Room ODM1 at 2:00pm.

A summary of Core Aim activity during the October round of meetings is here


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