Disabled Children Strategy Implementation Group

The Children with Disabilities Strategic Implementation Group was set up to enable different agencies working with disabled children to meet and discuss relevant issues and inform the planning process. The membership is drawn from all agencies both statutory and voluntary plus parent representatives. The SIG has developed a strategic plan for disabled children/young people and this is incorporated into the wider plans for children.

The chair of this group is Judith EdwardsJudith Edwards, below Judith describes herself to our researcher.

I work full-time as a Project Manager for Action for Children (formerly NCH) in Pembrokeshire. The project aims to improve inter-agency working for families caring for children who are disabled. I also chair the Children with Disabilities Strategic Implementation Group.

I come from a social work background mainly hospital based. My interest in children who are disabled developed when I worked as a visiting social worker for the Family Fund. I later worked as a hospital social worker for the paediatric wards and then became the Team Manager of a newly established Children with Disabilities Team, Outreach Support Team, Short Break Residential Unit and Family Based Short Break service.

My partner and I moved to beautiful Pembrokeshire 8 years ago and I began working for the Voluntary sector. My current job brings me into contact with families caring for disabled children across Pembrokeshire and with professionals from all agencies.


Judith can be contacted at Action for Children using the following details:

Action for Children

Pembrokeshire Children’s Centre

6 Merlin’s Court

Winch Lane



SA61 1SB


Tel 01437 764569

Email pembrokeshirechildrenscentre@nch.org.uk



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