Health, Social Care and Well Being

The Health, Social Care and Well-Being Network consists of voluntary organisations, service users and carers with an interest in either health, social care or well-being. 

In order to keep Network members up to date on news that impacts the sector, we have an email contact list, to which we send regular email updates. If you would like to be added to this list, please contact Michelle Copeman, for more information. Information included within the bulletins can be found here.

Within the H,SC&WB Network, a number of smaller, specialist interest networks have been formed, which link to strategic planning groups. Details of each of these networks is available by following the links at the bottom of the page.


Social Care, Social Enterprise, Social Innovation

23rd March 2016

The most recent Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Network event was held on 23rd March 2016 at the Picton Centre in Haverfordwest.

The morning session focussed on Policy Perspectives, and included speakers giving Local, Regional and National updates. The presentations from the sessions are available below.

National - Social services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act - a overview of the implications of the new legislation for all partners - Sue Leonard, Chief Officer, PAVS

Regional - Mid and West Wales Health & Social Care Collaborative - the work of the Regional Collaborative, Programme Boards and Workstreams - Martyn Palfreman, Hed of Regional Collaboration, Carmarthenshire County Council

Local - Adult Social Services, updates and future plans - Jonathan Griffiths, Head of Adult Care, Pembrokeshire County Council.

The afternoon session looked at Funding and Social Enterprise, and included speakers who talked about local funding opportunities, the Funding Portal, and Social Enterprise. Further information and links to the presentations are available below.

Pembrokeshire Funding Portal (the first 10 slides)- find out more about the new on-line tool to help groups identify potential sources of funding and the support that PAVS can provide

Local Funding opportunities (slide 11 onwards)- an overview of the Caring Communities Innovations Grant (CCIG) and the South Hook LNG Community Fund and what other groups have done with funding they received

SPAN Arts received Caring Communities Innovations Grant money for a number of projects including 'Caring Choirs'

PACTO received CCIG money to trial 'Bus Buddies'

SPPOT received CCIG funding which helped their organisation become sustainable

Social Enterprise - sharing the results of a study into social enterprises and getting your views on whether the recommendations are the right ones. The new Act makes secific reference to the role of local authorities in promoting social enterprise, so this will help partners understand what support will make the biggest difference.


If you wish to find out more, please contact Michelle Copeman at PAVS either by telephone on 01437 771192 or email


The H,SC&WB Network is currently facilitated by Michelle Copeman who has been in post since January 2007. Prior to taking up this post Michelle worked with looked after children in residential care homes, and spent 4 years training as a nurse. Michelle has worked within the voluntary sector, as a volunteer for the last 27 years.



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