Pembrokeshire Volunteer Organisers Network

 The Pembrokeshire Volunteer Organisers Network (PVON) aims to give support, advice and guidance to Volunteer Organisers on good working practices when working with volunteers.  Establishing links between organisations through PVON provides an opportunity for Volunteer Organisers to share experiences and ideas which increases knowledge and provides a support mechanism. PVON LogoThere are 2 events per year for all volunteer organisers in Pembrokeshire with ad hoc meetings in between attended by committee members and PVON members who want to be involved with the development and planning of PVON.

The network is facilitated through PAVS by Volunteering Pembrokeshire by

Caroline Graham – Volunteering Co-ordinator.  Caroline has worked for PAVS since 2000 and is one of the longest-serving members of staff at PAVS.  Caroline started at PAVS as an administrator for the Volunteer Bureau, as it was known at the time.  Caroline went on to become the Volunteering Development Officer and eventually Volunteering Co-ordinator at Volunteering Pembrokeshire.  Caroline represents PAVS on various networks including the Voluntary Sector Delivery Network, an all-Wales network of volunteer centre staff.  She has developed a handbook and, more recently, a course entitled ‘How to Develop a Volunteering Initiative’; the handbook is used by volunteer centres throughout Wales.  Volunteering Pembrokeshire is a subcontractor for Careers Wales West (CWW), delivering their Adult Guidance service to volunteers.  Caroline has undertaken CWW training and has a Certificate in Adult Guidance.

 Caroline Graham (left) and Jean Morris

Jean Morris – Volunteering Officer/Youth Volunteering Advisor.  Jean has worked as Volunteering Officer at PAVS since 2005; prior to this she spent a year as PAVS’ receptionist.  Jean has previously worked in the voluntary sector as a welfare rights advisor, and some of her other posts have included working for the Child Support Agency and in the Municipal Services department of Pembrokeshire County Council; she has also taught Welsh to adult learners and has run her own pub!  Jean has two roles within PAVS – as Volunteering Officer working with people of all ages, and as Youth Volunteering Advisor, working specifically with young people aged 16-24.  In this role she supports young volunteers and groups who recruit young volunteers, and promotes the Millennium Volunteers scheme in Pembrokeshire.  Jean is actively involved with ‘Gwirvol’, the national partnership promoting, supporting and driving forward youth volunteering in Wales.  Jean, like Caroline, has also achieved a CWW Certificate in Adult Guidance. 


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