What is the Youth Offending Team?

The Youth Offending Team is made up of over 40 people from various agencies e.g. Police, probation, education, social services and health, who are working together to tackle youth crime.

The Youth Offending Team (YOT) aims to help young people to stop offending by enabling them to take responsibility for crimes they committed and offering alternatives. YOT are fully committed to achieving the seven core aims for children and young people in Pembrokeshire.

Our Commitment to Young People


  • We aim to treat all young people and their parents/carers fairly and equally without discrimination.
  • We work with young people to meet their individual and diverse needs
  • We will make sure that young people and their parents/carers are informed of decisions concerning them and understand these decisions
  • We make sure that young people understand what they are required to do, and what will happen if they do not do what they have been instructed to do
  • We will ask for the young person’s opinion and feedback about the service to ensure we are getting it right


General Information about Youth Offending Teams

Youth Offending Teams (YOTS) were introduced by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and were established in England and Wales in April 2000. They have primary responsibility for the co-ordination and provision of local youth justice services, with the aim of preventing offending and re-offending by children and young people. There are currently 18 YOT’s in Wales – and 157 in total across England and Wales – they bring together the staff and wider resources of a range of local agencies, principally:

  • Social services
  • Education
  • The Police
  • Probation Service
  • Health

The rationale for this Multi-disciplinary approach is so that the underlying factors which cause offending behaviour can be addressed speedily and effectively.

The work of YOT’s is guided by the following six objectives:

  • The swift administration of justice
  • Confronting young people with the consequences of their offending
  • Providing interventions that tackle the particular factors that put a young person at risk of offending e.g. family, education and health
  • Punishment proportionate to the serious and persistence of offending
  • Encouraging reparation to victims
  • Reinforcing the responsibilities of parents

The work of the YOT is guided by the Youth Justice Board (YJB), which is a non departmental public body sponsored by the Home Office, and accountable to the Home Secretary.

The functions of the YJB include:

  • Monitoring the operation of the Youth Justice System and the provision of youth justice services
  • Setting National Standards
  • Promoting good Practice
  • Commissioning and purchasing secure facilities for juveniles who are on remand or who have received a Custodial Sentence.


The contact details for the Youth Offending Team are

Pembrokeshire Youth Offending Team

Customer Services Centre

Argyle Street

Pembroke Dock

SA72 6HL

Tel:  01437 776038/776040

Fax: 01646 684563


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